Lots of Produce, Yummy Food and Running While Pregnant

It’s Friday once again!  Woo hoo.

I hope y’all have some fun things planned for this evening.  We still haven’t quite decided what we’re doing yet, but I’m sure it will be fun. 😉

I went to Costco the other day and loaded up on a bunch of their awesome produce.

Awesome Costco Produce

Love, love, love!

I was SOOOO thrilled to see this incredible bag of POWER greens!

Bag of Power Greens

An organic triple washed bag of kale, chard and spinach!??  How cool is that?!

As soon as I saw this bag, I knew I HAD to have it!  It was only 5 bucks for this giant bag too!  I love Earthbound Farm; good quality, great tasting food that stays fresh forever.  LOVE!

I’ve been enjoying lots of yummy salads this week too!  I love making salads when I have a whole slew of wonderful things to put in them!

Yummy salad

Yummy Mega Salad

The Power Greens tasted great in there and I’ve also been loving tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, hard boiled eggs, avocado and chicken or turkey.  Everything’s tasted great to me!

I also made a double batch of Chocolate Protein Pancakes yesterday so I could top them with the yummy berries I bought.

Batch of Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Yummy protein pancakes with fruit

Heavenly!  I topped mine with a little bit of natural peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries and sugar-free syrup.

Fruit has tasted SO GOOD to me this pregnancy.  I seriously crave it.  I made some Fall Apart Chicken in the Crock-Pot the other night and it was great.  I served it with a bunch of fruit on the side.

Quinoa, Fall Apart Chicken and Fruit

I threw the Fall Apart Chicken in the Crock-Pot in the morning and then put some quinoa in the rice cooker on a timer later on.  I ran to the gym for a bit while everything finished cooking.

Me after a workout at the gym

I got a great upper body workout in and was so happy to have dinner all ready when I got home.  I was going to roast some veggies too, but decided to keep it simple and just do the fruit.

I also went on a beautiful run on Wednesday evening.

Me out on a beautiful run

We’ve had the most PERFECT running weather lately and I’ve loved being outside in the fresh air.  I only ran 3 miles, but it felt so good.

I’m trying to run 2-3 times a week right now, but I’ve just been taking it nice and easy.  I’m strictly running for enjoyment and exercise right now; not for speed or distance.

I’m hoping to continue to run throughout this pregnancy, but we’ll see how it goes.  I ran sporadically during the beginning of my last pregnancy, but then I quit.  Soooo, it will be interesting to see how running goes with a big belly.  I will do my best. 😉  I might have to look into getting one of those belly support bands.  So cute.

I also took these cuties to lunch at Carls Jr the other day.

Cute boys at Carls Jr

Despite the looks on their faces, they had a lot of fun and loved playing on the playground!  I got myself a Grilled Chicken Salad and it was decent.

Carls Jr Salad

I was happy to see it only had 280 calories.  I topped it with their Balsamic Dressing and it only had 35 calories in the whole package!  I didn’t even use the entire thing either.  Score.  I did snag a few fries from the kiddos though.  Yum.

Well, that’s the latest.  I’m hoping to go on a quick walk with the kiddos and dog in just a sec.  I’ve gotta hurry though because it’s getting dark quickly.  Oh, and I’M SO HAPPY that Daylight Savings is this weekend!!  Yay!  It will make it really feel like spring.  I LOVE IT!


Oh, and one last thing…

I selected a WINNER (using Random.org) for the Cascadian Farm giveaway!  The winner is….


“I often eat eggs when I need to add some protein to my day. You can eat them in so many different ways.”

Congratulations Tina!  Please email me at happybeinghealthy@gmail.com with your full name and address so we can send your prize to you. 😉

Happy Friday everyone!!  Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. says

    Are you in Utah or Colarado? It looks so warm there. Lucky you. I can’t wait to start running outside again. Spring ahead is not matching the weather here. We still have so much snow.

  2. says

    Hooray for running and feeling better. I’m glad that things are tasting good to you again!!!
    I’m excited about the time change, too – almost spring finally!

  3. says

    The Fall Apart Chicken looks delicious!

    FYI – you look amazing and I would never even know you are pregnant! You look GORGEOUS!! :-)

  4. says

    Your salads look so delicious! I have seen that power greens before and think it is awesome! I hate buying a bunch of fresh bunches and then having them go to waste because I can’t use 7lbs of fresh greens! That bag is perfect!

  5. says

    Just stumbled onto your site, first of all your family is so cute! Your recipes look delicious and I will have to keep updated how you do with your runs while prego! Didn’t work out so well for me haha

  6. says

    I swear I’ve never seen a pregnant woman not look pregnant this far along! Amazing! That salad looks delicious…I love that brand too and love to eat HUGE salads everyday with lots of vegan Caesar dressing….it’s amazing, but it truly if one of my favorite foods and makes me feel so great.

    • Melanie says

      You’re so sweet. Although I don’t really look pregnant, I’m definitely feeling huge. 😉 I love huge salads too and I have to try your yummy dressing!

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