I think “low carb, low carb, low carb” is a great way to lose weight quickly and a great short-term way to eat.  I do think it is a very hard way to eat long-term.

I’ve read a lot of books, magazines, articles and here is the theory I’ve chosen to abide by (in a nutshell)…

  • Eating as clean as possible (foods as close to natural as possible).
  • I look for minimally processed foods as well.  I always read labels and buy the foods with the least amount of ingredients.  I also always look at serving size, calories, sugar, fiber, and protein.
  • I try to combine healthy protein/healthy carbs at every meal/snack
  • I drink TONS and TONS of water
  • I basically eat meat (mostly lean), eggs, fruits, veggies, and very high quality, carefully selected whole-grain breads.
  • I try to eat 4-6 smaller meals a day (keeps the metabolism up!)

This way of eating just seems to make the most sense to me.  I think it is a lifestyle and not a quick fix or a diet.  Even though I eat carbs, I know it’s important to choose carefully and wisely.  You can’t just think, “Oh, that is a healthy carb so I will eat it!”  It’s still important to balance the amount of carbs you eat with protein.

Here are some of the books/programs/theories I try to incorporate in my life…

Southbeach Diet:  I’m sure you’ve all heard of this diet.  I think this is the best “mainstream” diet I’ve seen.  It starts with “no-carb” at first, then moves on to “low-carb”, then finally “good, carefully selected carbs”.

Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet:  This lady is amazing!  This diet is all about eating as clean as possible.  She is an ultra ultra ultra clean eater, so I found it a little overwhelming, but I love it!  Lots of great ideas!

Jillian Michaels:  I’ve read several of her books and I really like her theories.  I especially like her books, Master Your Metabolism and Making the Cut.

Kristi Approved:  Live the Life:  This is a local (Lehi based) company that is amazing!!  I really really love all of their theories/recipes/exercises.  One thing I love about this company is they teach you to spend one day preparing all of your meals/snacks for the whole week.  You also eat the same thing every day for a week (this gets a little old, but it’s very easy and convenient).

There are other books I love too, but these are my favorites.  I’m always checking new stuff out at the library.  I’ll blog in more detail about these sometime.

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