Random Snacky Day!

Well, so far I’ve done pretty well in 2012.  I’ve been able to exercise every day but Sunday and I’ve kept a pretty healthy diet for the most part.

However, today was a very weird eating day.

I started the day off great with a bowl of oatmeal w/ chopped apples, 1 T. ground flax and 1 T. Protein Powder.  I also had 3 scrambled egg whites topped w/ low-carb ketchup on the side (sorry, no pic.)  I love that meal!  It’s yummy, healthy, and filling!

I never really had a real meal the rest of the day after that!  I just had a lot of snacks! 

First, I had some cheese crisps (love them!) with strawberries.  Yum.

Then, around lunchtime, I had a piece of yummy seedy high fiber/protein whole wheat bread topped with a little natural peanut butter (satisfied my carb craving!)

I know this pic is blurry, sorry.

Later on I had a few slices of turkey breast and some veggies dipped in Tzatziki.  Yum!

BTW, Tzatziki is my favorite dip!  I love it!  It’s a yogurt based cucumber dill dip and it’s fabulous!  It’s only 20 calories per Tablespoon and it’s good on everything; salad, chicken, veggies, etc.  I buy it at Costco.  I also love the turkey breast I found at Costco!  It comes in a 3 pack and it is yummy!

So far, so good right?

Well, when Kev got home from work, he brought some chocolate home!


He and my oldest son are at a scout campout tonight, so he brought home some treats for that.  However, he didn’t just buy a few treats!  He bought a big ‘ol bag of mini candy bars, some gummy lifesavers and some Cadbury cream eggs (my fav!)


I’m sorry to say I snitched a few of the mini candy bars (I had to try one of each, ya know.)  I resisted the Cadbury Eggs though!  Yay!

Later on, I went on a short run (~3 miles).  I took my baby in the jogger because last time I came home from a run (without him), he ran over to the garage door and said “ride, ride”.  It was so sweet.  He loves to go on runs in the jogger.  I left my 3 1/2 year old home with his older siblings though because he is HEAVY! 

Anyway, the run felt great.  The weather has been so mild here in Utah.  We’ve had hardly any snow!  I’ve loved it, but it’s a little freaky.  Great running weather though.

Anyway, I kept dinner really simple tonight.  Kev and my oldest are gone and it’s Friday, so we just had a whole lotta easy stuff.  Sadly, I had a couple bowls of cereal (serious carb problems today!)  It was mostly healthy (Kashi Go Lean mixed with a little Cinnamon Chex.)  I love cereal, but I don’t have it too often because I always OD!  I did okay tonight though.

Anyway, that is my Random Snacky day in a nutshell!!!  Weird.

I’m going to an awesome Power Pump class in the morning that I love.  I’m excited.  I’m going to tighten the diet up a bit tomorrow as well.

’till next time!

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