Happy Anniversary + I Really Need a Kick in the Pants

First off, today is our 16th anniversary!!  HOLY COW, time flies.  I still feel like I’m 16 years old, so I’m not quite sure how we’ve been married 16 years!  Kev literally robbed the cradle, I guess. 😉

For your amusement, I thought I would post a few pics (FYI, I paid for the copyright)

Here’s one of our engagement pics,


And here’s one from our wedding day,


Sadly, I don’t love our wedding pics.  The photographer did a great job, but I’m just not diggin’ my dress, hair or poofy baby face.  Oh well, I’m still fiercely in love with the man I married and that’s most important!!

We’re going to go out on a date tonight and I’m really looking forward to it.  Yay!!


K, so I have really, really struggled this past month!  Geesh.  I’ve kept to my exercise regimen, but I’ve been all over the map with the eating part of it all.  It seems like I eat really well for several days, then I indulge a little.  Then that little indulgence turns into major problems….then it takes me a couple days to get back on the wagon and the cycle continues!  It is FRUSTRATING!

But, I think we only really fail if we stop trying, right???  I know I’ll never stop trying.

Sooooo, I am back ON today and I intend to stay ON for a long, long time.  I’ve just accepted the fact that I cannot handle sugar.

Sad, but true.

It seems like a measly little chocolate kiss or Reese’s Peanut Butter cup would be just fine occasionally (and in theory, it is), but I am not strong enough to stop at just that.  It starts a vicious cycle inside of me.  I enjoy a small treat….then I just crave more!  AND, giving into my craving DOES NOT satisfy me…it just makes me want to have more the next day and the next….and it’s never ending!  The only way I can get the cravings to stop is to STOP EATING THEM!

There.  I feel better now.

Sooooo, I am going to pull out all the stops.  I am going to THINK about everything I eat and make sure it is QUALITY food!

Soooo, this morning I started out with my favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal.  I didn’t take a pic because I was in a hurry and actually ate it in the car on the go.
Quick Tip: After I cook the oatmeal, I love to transfer it into an old cottage cheese (or similar) container because it has high sides and is way less messy to take in the car.

I am always amazed by how full this breakfast makes me!  Here’s what I had for lunch…


Leftover salad from a weekend party, fat free cottage cheese and Rice Works chips.  YUM!  I dipped the chips in the cottage cheese and it was so yummy!  I gotta say, I love these chips!  They are made from whole grain brown rice + real, quality ingredients.  They also happen to be DEE-Licious!  I bought them at Costco, but I’ve seen them in the health food section in other grocery stores too.  They have several other yummy flavors too.

Don’t get me wrong, these chips are not like vegetables.  Sadly, you cannot eat them with reckless abandon.  But, they do make for a great (not bad, but not super good for you either) snack.

That’s pretty much all I’ve eaten today so far.  It’s kept me full too!  It’s amazing….when I eat real, quality food it really fills me up!  When I eat lame, fakish food…it just makes me want to eat more!  Go figure.

I’m probably going to make a protein shake in a sec.  Then, Kev and I are going out to eat tonight!  Yay!  I’m going to keep it healthy though.

I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!!  Enjoy your day! xoxo

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