If You Think You Don’t Have Time to Exercise….You’re RIGHT!


  • relieves stress
  • improves mood and lifts depression!
  • helps with weight loss (obviously)
  • increases confidence and self esteem
  • increases lifespan
  • decreases risk of many diseases
  • strengthens your heart!
  • makes you cuter! 😉


The #1 reason people DON’T exercise is because they don’t have the time!

We are all so BUSY!

The world we live in is so fast paced and constantly pulling us in a million different directions.

We are NEVER going to find ourselves with a big chunk of time and think, “Hmmmmm, I have all this time and nothing to do….I guess I will exercise!”  (However, if that actually does happen to you…..you are very lucky!)

Sadly for most of us, it doesn’t work like that.

We have to MAKE the time to exercise.

We have to make it a priority.

It is a sacrifice.

It is not easy.

It is not convenient.

But, it IS worth it!!


Sooooo, if you are already exercising regularly…..good for you!!!  Keep it up!

If you are not and need some ideas and motivation….here are my 2 cents.

Look at your calendar and schedule it in!

  • Get it done on your lunch break.
  • Wake up a little earlier and do it FIRST thing!
  • Go straight to the gym (or on a run, bike ride, etc.) right after work.  It’s harder to do it if you go home first!
  • If you are a stay at home mom, go to the gym and take advantage of the daycare!
  • If the only time you can do it is late at night….then do it!
  • Split it up into 2 smaller workouts

Set a realistic goal for yourself.

  • If you can only exercise 3 days a week….then set it as a goal and make it happen!
    • I find I have more success if I try to exercise every day!  That way I don’t “put it off until tomorrow!”  Just do whatever works for you!
  • Reward yourself as you reach small goals (# of pounds lost, # of weeks of consistent exercise, # of miles run, etc.)
  • Don’t set yourself up to fail.  If you’re not used to exercising….start slow.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone but YOU!

  • If you are just getting into running and can’t even run 1/2 mile….who cares!  Just get out there and run the best 1/4 mile you can and work from there!
  • If you’re intimidated by the gym (it is an intimidating place!), just remember that most people there are too engrossed with themselves that they probably won’t even notice you (sad, but true)!  Be confident, hold your head high and just remember you are there to exercise!
  • If you are unable to exercise (due to injury or other things), just do the best you can!  Find something you’re able to do.  Go for short walks, lift weights or swim!

Find something you can stick with!

  • If you hate (insert form of exercise here), then don’t do it!!!  Find something you love at least don’t hate.
  • Go on a bike ride, run, walk, hike, etc. with friends, by yourself, with your kids, etc.
  • I love to go to classes at the gym because it’s easy to plan it on the schedule and get it done!
  • If you can’t afford the gym, find some killer workout videos (the library is a great resource too!)
  • Find an exercising buddy!  It really helps!

Well, there are my 2 cents for now.

Oh, and here’s one of my favorite quotes….

“If you always do what you’ve always done….you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”

I don’t know who said it, but I LOVE it!

If you need some more motivation, here ya go….



Stop Waiting For Things to Happen

Forget About Getting Skinny

I love you all!!  xoxo

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