Distractions and Random Healthy Stuff

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This morning I realized I have a MILLION projects and “to-dos” that are just not getting “to-done.”

Dang it.

I really need to go through all my kids clothes and get rid of the things that are too small/wintery, pull out the hand-me-down clothes from the basement, de-junk my laundry room (it’s the catch-all), archive all of our pictures/videos, take some time to put my kids “special” school papers and memorabilia in their books, clean out under my bed, organize and de-junk all the toys….the list goes on and on!

I also know I’ll be having a baby in three months and my productivity will come to a screeching halt.


It’s very overwhelming and I’m very frustrated I’m not getting it done!  However, I also realized I have a very BIG distraction in my life right now.  It’s called my cell phone…

My cell phone distraction

It’s amazing how quickly I can get sucked right in that thing and kill a whole bunch of time!

For some reason this seems awfully important…

Facebook page

And this….

My Instagram page

Oh ya, and this….

Farm Heroes Saga

Not to mention the email, blog updates, web surfing and everything else that tries to distract me from what I really should be doing!

What the heck folks??!?

Yes, I’ve been killing entirely too much time and not getting enough “really important” things done!

Sooooo, I decided to make the executive decision today to delete all the games on my phone and only “check” my phone for short increments of time (no more than 5-10 minutes) in the morning and at night.

I’m sure it will “free up” a whole bunch of time I didn’t know I had!

There….that’s my little rant for the day. 😉


I’m still lovin’ my healthy diet plan, but lately I’ve gotten a little bit lax.  I told y’all I’ve been dippin’ into the chocolate chip bag a little too much.  Note:  Don’t buy the giant chocolate chip bag from Costco, FYI.

I’ve also let my “100 free calories per day” become a little too “squishy.”  I really need to be more accountable and tighten things up a bit.

BUT, I’ve definitely been loading up on lots of healthy food!  I’ve been eating a lot more salads, fresh fruits and veggies lately.  Yay.  I’ve also stayed away from sugary stuff and bread for the most part…except for tonight.

My daughter and I went to a fun Mother/Daughter church cook-off activity tonight.  Each mother/daughter team was supposed to bring a favorite dish along with the recipe and then everyone voted on which one they liked the best.

We decided to bring The Best Breadsticks Ever.  I made two batches so my kids could have some as well.  I snapped this pic after my kids had already had a few….

Breadsticks for Mother Daughter cookoff

I’m happy to say WE WON the cook-off.  Woo hoo.  My daughter was quite proud.  These breadsticks really are so yummy and pretty simple to make.  Love them!

Soooo, I decided I needed to have a breadstick….and several “tastes” of the other things people brought.  There were so many yummy things!  There were a bunch of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cake, trifle….etc.  I just tried a small taste of 3-4 things and called it good.

I could have done a LOT more damage though, so I felt pretty good about what I ate. 😉  I’m really, really trying to make my “healthy diet” a regular lifestyle, so I’ve been occasionally letting myself have a small splurge here and there.

However, I do know I need to be careful and can’t indulge every time yummy food is around.  I know I still need to be judicious.


I did have a good day of exercise today!  I took my two littlest kiddos and dog on a walk to the park today.  We only walked about a mile and a half (round trip), but HEY it was somethin’!  I also chased my kiddos all around the playground and we all were worn out.  We had a ball….and I didn’t take any pictures.  Dang.

Later on, Kev and I ran over to the gym for a bit to get some strength training in.  I got a great upper body workout in.  I DID snap a quick pic on our way out….

Kev and I leaving the gym

Yikes, that picture is just not attractive.  I told Kev I’m almost to the point in my pregnancy where I need to start sporting t-shirts instead of tanks.  It’s just not lookin’ cute folks. 😉


Speaking of cute workout clothes, I got some fun things in the mail from Fabletics recently that I LOOOOOVVVEEE!

Cute Fabletics clothes

I love everything SO SO much….I just wish my body fit in them a little bit cuter. 😉

Regardless, I plan on taking some more pics later this week and I will share them with y’all.  I sincerely love Fabletics so much guys.  Everything I’ve gotten from them so far has been great quality and I love the fitNote: Things obviously fit a little funky on me right now, but I can tell everything would be absolutely perfect if I wasn’t preggo.  Their prices are pretty awesome too.  Love it!

Well, that’s all for now guys.  I hope you all have a great night!

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