Valentine’s Day and a Treadmill Run!

Happy Friday to you all!!  I <3 Fridays SO MUCH! 😉

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!  We had a great day, but sadly Kev and I are now practical, “old married people.”

When we were first married, we once waited over 2 hours to go to dinner at the Olive Garden on Valentine’s Day.

Ya, we’ve never done that again. 😉  I also told Kev to never buy me flowers on Valentine’s Day either.  I know, I’m a party pooper, but it bugs me that they jack up the prices so high.  Lame.

So, what did we do???

We went to the gym!  I went to my Power Flex class and Kev ran on the treadmill.  Afterward, we got takeout from Barbacoa.  Yum!  We actually ate the food in the car, which sounds kind of lame….but it was nice!  It was quiet and we were able to chat without being interrupted!

Oh, the simple joys. 😉

Anyway, I got a Burrito Bowl (cilantro lime rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, romaine, salsa and honey sweet pork) and it was fabulous!  I went light on the cheese and only put about a tablespoon of sour cream on it.  It was superb and only about 550 calories.  I was stuffed too. 😉  Score.

This is a weird picture and the flash is not helping me (at all!), but you can see my yummy food!  I know it looks a little small in the pic, but it was HUGE!  That bowl was deep!

Me with Barbacoa food

So, that’s how we spent our Valentine’s Day!  Super fun!

Oh, here’s another highlight of my Valentine’s day….

Derek with his Creeper Box

I got to help my 9 year old son make a Minecraft Creeper Valentine’s box to put his Valentine’s in!  Joy.  We had a lot of fun making it and the best part is that he thought it was SUPER cool!  He also won the “Valentine’s box” contest for his class.  I, uh I mean, he was quite proud of that.  :-)

Moving on….

This morning I was able to go on a great run on the treadmill!  Ya, I said GREAT and TREADMILL in the same sentence!

I really don’t love the treadmill.  It is extremely monotonous and painstakingly boring.  But, today as I was running I decided there are a few perks to running on the treadmill!  Here’s what I came up with…

  • Unlimited supply of water!
  • A clean, flushing toilet available whenever you need it.
  • It’s flexible with a mommy’s schedule.  I can run while my little ones play nearby.  I’m also still at my children’s beck and call and am available to breakup any arguments that my ensue.  Yay. 😉
  • I can completely control my pace.  I just “plug in” my desired pace and then I either keep up with it….or fall off!
  • I can look as scary as I want (i.e. no makeup, funky hair and mismatched outfit.)
  • I can belt out the songs on my iPod to my hearts content!

Ya, I really love being able to sing with my iPod!  It makes the time fly by.  Here are a few of the songs I especially enjoyed jamming out to today…

Yeah 3x (Chris Brown)
Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)
Everybody Talks (Neon Trees)

These are such great songs to run to too!  I don’t know all the words, so I basically belted out the chorus and then went “la, uh, la, uh, uh” or something like that through the rest of the song.

Ya, it was so pretty.

My kids love it when I sing on the treadmill too, lol!  My 14 year old son said, “Mom, is that what you mean by being on a runner’s high?”

Too funny.

Even though I love to sing, I realized I have to be careful which songs I choose to sing while my kids are nearby!

For example, I LOVE the song, Turn Me On by David Guetta, but I realized I might scar the children if I belted out the lyrics, lol!  I found myself starting to sing the chorus and then switching to my “la, uh, uh, la” version.

Love this song, but the music video is a little racy, so I linked up to this cool video instead. 😉

AND here’s a pic showing proof that I can look as scary as I want on the treadmill!  Warning: This photo might be disturbing to some viewers.

Scary Pic of Me on the Treadmill

Ya, my hairdo is called the “put an elastic in and get the hair out of the face” ponytail.  I don’t have any makeup on either, but thankfully you can’t really tell in this pic.  I also used to love the shorts I’m wearing, but they are too big now and look like “balloon shorts”, lol.

Also, notice my sweet little dog on the lookout?  He’s not a fan of the treadmill.  He is very protective of me and our family.  Whenever I hop on the treadmill, he perches himself nearby and watches me until I am done.

What a sweetie.

Jimmer next to treadmill

When I stopped to snap that picture of him, he jumped on the back of the treadmill….

Jimmer on Treadmill

Oh my word, I have the cutest dog on the planet!  I love him so much.  I’m sure all you dog owners out there have the cutest dog on the planet as well. 😉

I ended up running 5.2 miles and really enjoyed it.  I’d run a 7:30 pace (8 mph) for a song or two and then I’d slow down to a 8:34 pace (7 mph) for a song or two and then go back up.  It was fun.  I ran the last mile at an easy 10 minute mile pace (6 mph) to cool down.

After my run, I went outside to cool off and enjoyed a yummy Premier Protein shake.

Premier Protein Shake

Premier Protein sent me a fun package with a bunch of goodies last week.  I’ve been trying them out and will do a full review and giveaway in the next week or two.  Super fun!

Well, that’s all I have to say today.  I hope y’all have something fun planned tonight and enjoy the nice 3 day weekend.  Yay President’s Day! xoxo

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