Staying Committed When I Really Don’t Want To!

July 1, 2014 in Deep Thoughts, Family Life, Motivation, Pregnancy

Happy July!  Yay!

Soooo, this morning I decided to make a big batch of Protein Packed Pancakes.  I love them so much and could eat them every day!  I love to make a bunch so I can freeze them.

Batch of Protein Pancakes

While they were cooking, my 10 year old walked into the kitchen and said….”Oooo, you’re making pancakes mom?!”

I said, “Yes, but they’re protein pancakes.”  I also reminded him of how yummy AND healthy they are!  After asking if he wanted any, he quickly said, “No thanks, mom” and made himself something else to eat.

A few minutes later my 15 year old walked in and said, “What’s that yummy smell?”  “What are you cooking mom!?”  The conversation pretty much ended the same way.

No kidding, a few minutes later, KEV walked into the kitchen and excitedly said, “You made pancakes hon?”  I said, “YES, but they are PROTEIN pancakes!”  I told him how my conversations with the boys went and we laughed because Kev wasn’t interested in my pancakes either. :-(

What the heck people!!??!  These pancakes are good and SOOOO yummy AND way better for you!!  What’s not to love?

Oh well, it made for a good laugh.   I guess it also leaves more for me, huh?


Oh and my cute daughter is gone for the week at a girls camp. :-(

She is such a calming force and peacemaker in our home.  It’s tough to have her gone.  My two littlest boys have missed her so much!  They were crying the night before she left, so she took a picture of herself with each of them so they could remember her while she was gone.

Too cute.

Ben and Jake with pictures of Brooke before she went to camp

They love their sissy.


Well I decided to kick it up a notch (health-wise) this week.  I’ve told you guys that my motivation has seriously been lacking lately.  I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking things like….

  • I’m so (huge, tired, pregnant, worn out, stressed, busy, etc.), so I deserve to have (cookies, cake, ice cream, fries, candy, etc.)
  • Since I’m about 8 months pregnant, it’s totally fine if I don’t exercise today…or tomorrow…or the next day….
  • Since I’m about 8 months pregnant, I really should indulge in a bunch of my favorite (non-healthy) foods because I’m going to shape-up big time after baby is here!
  • Ya know, I don’t need to eat perfectly or exercise a lot because the scale is only going up and I’m not going to see any results from my efforts.

You get the picture.  Yes, those thoughts are dangerous and can lead to a lot of damage!

Soooo, since I AM extra tired and my stamina and motivation is severely lacking, I decided to make myself a very short-term goal.  I’m really not in the mood to tackle a giant “healthy plan” or do a mega overhaul of my life right now.  A nice short-term goal is exactly what I need.

Soooo, I decided to make this whole entire week (all 7 days!) very, very healthy.

I’m not having any sugary stuff (not even chocolate chips!), fried foods, white flour, processed foods, etc.  I’m also trying to load up on lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains (the good kind), eggs, nuts, yogurt, etc.

I’m also trying to exercise at least 5 days this week!

Soooo, aside from my protein pancakes, here are a few other things I’ve been eating…

Veggie Egg scramble

Veggie/egg scrambles consisting of one egg + 3-4 egg whites and onions, peppers, olives, avocado, tomato and cheese.  YUM!

Yogurt cottage cheese fruit almonds and chia seeds

Various yogurt/cottage cheese concoctions.  I love to top them with nuts, chia seeds and fruit.

Chicken Salad on lettuce

Leftover chicken salad on top of lettuce.  I love this meal/snack because I can throw it together in 2 seconds, flat.

I made Hawaiian Haystacks and watermelon for dinner last night….

Haystacks for dinner

I love them so much, but they are kind of a pain to make.  Thankfully Kev helped me quite a bit.

Hawaiian Haystack fixins

I made the gravy and quinoa/rice while he chopped up the toppings and took the chicken off of a rotisserie chicken.  It’s a lot of work, but so so yummy!

I also decided to walk while my two boys were at track practice yesterday.

Walking at my boys track practice

I just walked and walked and walked on the sidewalk that encircles the track.  I ended up walking almost 3 miles.  Woo hoo.

Walking at track practice

It was quite hot (in the 80’s), but there was a slight breeze, which was nice.  I actually enjoyed the “workout” and might just do it again soon!

I’m going to be very stubborn this week and “stick to my guns!”  I’m also aware there’s a holiday on Friday, dang it.  BUT, I’m not going to give in!  There are so many reasons/excuses out there that can be used to “justify” lack of exercise/unhealthy eating habits.  BUT, I know it is VITAL to stay committed during the hard times too.

Well, it’s getting late and I need to get my sleep.  I will also share my 33 weeks pregnant picture…

Me 33 weeks pregnant

Yay!  I hope you all have a wonderful night!

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Getting My Groove Back!

January 28, 2013 in Deep Thoughts, Exercise, Family Life, Nutrition

I had a rough, rough week last week!  Man.  I don’t know what my problem was.

Let me back up for a sec…I loved my 7 day weight loss cleanse that I did a couple weeks ago.  I felt great and will most definitely do it again.  I’m working on getting all of the logistics of the cleanse organized so I can share it with all of you.  I will try to get it posted this week if I can. ;-)

Anyway, my cleanse ended last Sunday.  So, on Monday I decided to have a small “free” day.  I went out to Chinese food for lunch with Kev and then I made cookies with the kids later on.  It was great.  However, I went DOWNHILL from there!

By Monday night, I felt pretty blah.  Most of my kids have had bad colds the past couple weeks and I think I got whatever the heck they had.  I just felt tired, achy, sore throat-y, headache-y and completely unmotivated.  It was quite depressing.

I’m sorry to be such a downer, but life isn’t always super easy.  I’m sure you can all relate. :-(

So, I missed a couple of my workouts last week and ate entirely too much CRAP!    I woke up every morning feeling just like an unmotivated slug.  It’s amazing how when I feel sick and gross, I lose all of my “healthy living” oomph.  So sad.

So, last night I told Kev that I was determined to get my groove back this week!!  I still don’t feel 100%, but I’m going to take control of my health regardless.  I’ve vowed to get my sleep, eat extra awesome and get all my workouts in this week!

Woo hoo.

So, last night I got almost 8 hours of sleep and I have been a machine today!  Here’s a little overview of my accomplishments today….

A (Mostly) Clean House (I’m not counting the kids bedrooms, lol!)…

A Mostly Clean House

I got laundry all done (gasp!) and put away (double gasp!!!)  The laundry sitting on the floor is my “big kids” laundry that they put away when they get home from school.

All the Laundry is done!

Quick side note:  Is laundry ever really done???  Uhhh, no.  Unless we all decide to go naked for a day, it’s never really done.  Sad, but true.  My goal is to just not let it bury me!

I also changed and cleaned all the sheets on all the beds!  Sorry, no pic.

I put dinner in the Crock Pot (Chicken Cacciatore).  I will share the recipe soon.

Dinner in the Crock Pot

Made a bazillion protein balls…

Protein Balls!

Got my workout in (Boot Camp class at the gym and a little free weights afterward.)  Check.

Workout Done, Check!

And now, I’m blogging about it all.

Yay, I’ve returned!!  I love moving forward and being productive.  I don’t do well as a “slug” for too long.

Another quick side note: This is not a typical day for me.  I usually don’t get this much stuff done!  It just makes me happy because I am reclaiming my life.  I’m IN CHARGE!  Cheesy, yes.

Speaking of being “in charge”, I need to go to bed now.  It’s almost 10:00 PM and I want to continue my productive streak tomorrow!

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well!  xoxo

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If You Think You Don’t Have Time to Exercise….You’re RIGHT!

April 17, 2012 in Deep Thoughts, Exercise, Motivation


  • relieves stress
  • improves mood and lifts depression!
  • helps with weight loss (obviously)
  • increases confidence and self esteem
  • increases lifespan
  • decreases risk of many diseases
  • strengthens your heart!
  • makes you cuter! ;-)


The #1 reason people DON’T exercise is because they don’t have the time!

We are all so BUSY!

The world we live in is so fast paced and constantly pulling us in a million different directions.

We are NEVER going to find ourselves with a big chunk of time and think, “Hmmmmm, I have all this time and nothing to do….I guess I will exercise!”  (However, if that actually does happen to you… are very lucky!)

Sadly for most of us, it doesn’t work like that.

We have to MAKE the time to exercise.

We have to make it a priority.

It is a sacrifice.

It is not easy.

It is not convenient.

But, it IS worth it!!


Sooooo, if you are already exercising regularly…..good for you!!!  Keep it up!

If you are not and need some ideas and motivation….here are my 2 cents.

Look at your calendar and schedule it in!

  • Get it done on your lunch break.
  • Wake up a little earlier and do it FIRST thing!
  • Go straight to the gym (or on a run, bike ride, etc.) right after work.  It’s harder to do it if you go home first!
  • If you are a stay at home mom, go to the gym and take advantage of the daycare!
  • If the only time you can do it is late at night….then do it!
  • Split it up into 2 smaller workouts

Set a realistic goal for yourself.

  • If you can only exercise 3 days a week….then set it as a goal and make it happen!
    • I find I have more success if I try to exercise every day!  That way I don’t “put it off until tomorrow!”  Just do whatever works for you!
  • Reward yourself as you reach small goals (# of pounds lost, # of weeks of consistent exercise, # of miles run, etc.)
  • Don’t set yourself up to fail.  If you’re not used to exercising….start slow.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone but YOU!

  • If you are just getting into running and can’t even run 1/2 mile….who cares!  Just get out there and run the best 1/4 mile you can and work from there!
  • If you’re intimidated by the gym (it is an intimidating place!), just remember that most people there are too engrossed with themselves that they probably won’t even notice you (sad, but true)!  Be confident, hold your head high and just remember you are there to exercise!
  • If you are unable to exercise (due to injury or other things), just do the best you can!  Find something you’re able to do.  Go for short walks, lift weights or swim!

Find something you can stick with!

  • If you hate (insert form of exercise here), then don’t do it!!!  Find something you love at least don’t hate.
  • Go on a bike ride, run, walk, hike, etc. with friends, by yourself, with your kids, etc.
  • I love to go to classes at the gym because it’s easy to plan it on the schedule and get it done!
  • If you can’t afford the gym, find some killer workout videos (the library is a great resource too!)
  • Find an exercising buddy!  It really helps!

Well, there are my 2 cents for now.

Oh, and here’s one of my favorite quotes….

“If you always do what you’ve always done….you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”

I don’t know who said it, but I LOVE it!

If you need some more motivation, here ya go….



Stop Waiting For Things to Happen

Forget About Getting Skinny

I love you all!!  xoxo

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