Calming Down and Getting Motivated

Apparently, I’ve become a “once a week” blogger!!  Geesh.

However, I’m happy to say that my “crazy, constantly running, pull out my hair, nutzo life” is officially calming down to just “normal crazy.”


In fact, my less chaotic schedule and the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having has made me feel particularly motivated!  I’m in the mood to clean my entire house, throw everything away, organize the crap out of every little thing, kill it in the gym and clean up the diet!

Yay.  I still DO NOT have enough hours in my day, but I’m going to do my best to work hard, maximize my time, be productive and get ‘er done.

…makes me giddy as a school girl.


Since I haven’t been blogging a lot (super lame), I have a lot of things to share!

First off, I was so excited to have a couple of my recipes featured in the digital March issue of Personal Trainer Magazine, a UK publication for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

Personal Trainer Magazine March 2015

It is a FANTASTIC magazine full of so much helpful information!  They featured my Spinach, Watermelon and Chia Seed Protein Shake and my Healthy Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I was thrilled.

PT Magazine feature

I was also thrilled to receive a fun package from Kohl’s recently.

Bliss products from Kohl's

Kohl’s recently started carrying Bliss products in their stores and since I’m a part of the Kohl’s Health and Wellness Preview Group, they sent me some to try out.

I LOVE both of these products so much!!!  The Body Butter is phenomenal.  It has a refreshingly clean scent, moisturizes very well and seems to absorb almost instantly.  I hate lotion that makes me feel greasy…this lotion makes me feel refreshed, soft and clean.

Love, love, love.

The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is AH-Mazing as well!  Seriously.  It made my skin feel SO clean and healthy.  It tingled and seemed to pull out all of the impurities on my face.

I’d never tried Bliss products before, but now I’m a HUGE fan.  I LOVE Kohl’s so much as well!


I also thought I’d share a few pics from our crazy weekend last week!

I got together with some of my most favorite people in the world on Friday night.

Friends at Melodi's House

We were all friends and roommates (just the girls, hee hee) down at college and had SO MUCH fun together!  I’ve been friends with Melodi (dark hair) since birth and Ali (blonde hair) since Junior High.

We got together with our spouses, had dinner and laughed all night long!  I must also say that my friend Melodi is such a health inspiration to me!  She is a health coach, Reiki Practitioner and incredible cook!  You can find more information about her services here.  She is amazing folks.

We also celebrated two of my kiddos birthdays on Saturday!

This little cutie turned SEVEN and is growing up WAY too fast!!!

B with his giant birthday cookie

We had a fun time going to Airborne (indoor trampoline park) and then getting some Chinese food at my son’s favorite Chinese restaurant.  I took this cute pic at the restaurant that I just have to share…

B and C with a drink at Janbo

My cutie pie baby LOVES eating so much!  If anyone has food or drink anywhere near him, he smacks his lips, leans forward and tries to get it.  Ha ha.  He is so much fun!

Here’s another example of my baby’s food obsession (he’s also just in the cute “grabby baby” stage)…

Gook and C with her birthday cake

My FOURTEEN year old daughter had a small party with some friends Saturday night.  They did funky makeovers on each other, had pizza and enjoyed this giant Costco Chocolate Cake.

BTW, I’d never tried that Chocolate Cake before (although I’ve noticed it in the store for YEARS!), but I don’t think it was all that great.  It tasted just like your typical store-bought cake; nothing to write home about.

Oh and my cute son went to Prom that day/night too…

T after Prom

He had a great time and looked entirely too grown up!  What in the world is happening to my kids!??!??!  They keep getting older and I’m not a fan. :-(

Kev also started getting our Garden boxes ready over the weekend and I’m so excited!!!

Kev and B working the garden

We haven’t planted a garden in two years and I’ve really missed it!  Oh, and my sweet seven year old has always loved helping Kev in the garden.  He was thrilled when he saw his dad out there working and quickly grabbed a shovel.

Too darn cute.

Oh, and I told Kev that I’m SO GLAD his dad was/is such a great gardener!  Kev learned so much from him and I’m so happy we can benefit from his knowledge and “skills.”  I also told Kev that I’m glad his DAD was the gardener and not his MOM.  Hee hee.

Kev actually enjoys gardening and I help where I can, but mostly I just call him the Little Red Hen and I get to be the Cat or the Dog.  It’s a great arrangement.


Well, it’s getting late and I need to go to bed.

I do want to say that since life has calmed down a bit, I’ve become super motivated to “Get a Grip” on my life and my health.  I’ve been upping my workouts, making more of an effort to eat well, trying to get more sleep and drink more water.

I actually have a whole bunch of deep thoughts to share about healthy living, but I will save it for another day (hopefully tomorrow!)  I’m sure y’all can’t wait.  BUT, I NEED to go to bed.

I hope you all have a wonderful night!  It’s almost Friday!  Eeeee.

**I received the complimentary products from Kohl’s, but the text and opinions in the post are entirely my own. #PureBliss #Yes2You #YesMoment**

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