A Few Fun Little Tidbits

I have a few random tidbits to share with y’all today.

An Awesome Tip….

I just discovered the best little tip ever!  I LOVE natural peanut butter, but I don’t love the oil that separates and settles on the top.  It’s a royal pain to mix it in and I always end up making a mess.  It also seems that when I near the bottom of the jar, the peanut butter is a little dry because the oil didn’t get mixed in thoroughly enough.

So, do ya wanna know a simple trick that will fix all of your “peanut butter oil” woes??  Store your peanut butter upside down!

Upside Down Peanut Butter

Who knew??!  And why didn’t I think of that a million years ago??

Yes, it works like a charm.  When the peanut butter is stored upside down, the oil infiltrates all of the peanut butter and eliminates the oil that settles on the top!  Wahoo.  Love it.

This seriously made me so happy. 😉

**Update: I’ve found it’s best to store unopened (a.k.a. brand new) jars of peanut butter upside down, but after you open it, give it a good stir with a knife and then keep it in the fridge.  The fridge will keep the oil from separating again.**

A Funny “Not Healthy” Healthy Recipe…

I was on Pinterest the other day and came across a pin that said “Healthy Diet Dessert” with this picture…

Prevention Diet Dessert

I thought, “What the heck!??”  With the mondo heap of chocolate chips on top, there is no way this recipe is “healthy” or “diet-y!”  I clicked on the pin and it took me to Prevention Magazine’s website.

I think Prevention Magazine is a fun little magazine, but I don’t know what they were smoking when they decided to claim this recipe as healthy.  They even call it “Flat Belly Diet Chocolate Pudding!”  Seriously.  The only thing “healthy” in this recipe is the cocoa powder and the one whole banana (that’s divided into 6 servings).

…And, it won’t even give you a flat belly, dang it. :-(  You can click here for the recipe.

I really don’t know what in the world they were thinking with this one.  Geesh.  Made for a good laugh though.

My Latest Costco Find…

As y’all know, I love Costco SO MUCH!  I recently found a 6 pack of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond milk and I LOVE it!

Costco Almond Breeze

I’ve seen almond milk at Costco before, but it wasn’t unsweetened.  So, when I saw this little gem, I was SO HAPPY!

I also love that it comes in smaller, 32 oz. containers.  I usually buy the half gallon size, but sometimes I have a hard time getting through it quick enough.  These 32 oz. containers are PERFECT….and they are shelf stable.  Yes, they will stay good on my shelf until March 2014.  I LOVE it….so much!

Some Fun Recognition…

My blog was recently mentioned in an article on Lifescript.com.


The article was titled “Who are the Best Mom Bloggers in 2013?” and my blog was one of the seven mentioned.  Yay!

I thought that was so nice!  You can click here if you’re interested in the article.  So fun.

A Motivational Thought…

I love motivational thoughts and quotes and here’s a good one….

If it's Important

I can especially relate to this one RIGHT NOW because I’m supposed to be getting ready to head out to my beloved Boot Camp class.  I am feeling a little “blah” and run down, so I was thinking maybe I should just stay home and “chill.”  But, after reading this quote, I’ve decided to buck up and get myself to class.

Quick note: If you’re really sick, I think it’s important to rest and take a break from exercise.  But, I’ve found that most of the time I’m just tired, worn out and unmotivated….not sick.  If I skipped a workout every time I was tired, worn out or unmotivated, I would never workout!

Anyway, I better jam!  I hope y’all enjoyed these fun little tidbits. 😉

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