My Healthy “Happy Medium” and a Great Father’s Day Weekend

I’m happy to say I’m still going strong with my healthy challenge and new “healthy brain shift!”  It’s great and has been so life-changing for me.  I think I’ve finally found the “perfect” long-term healthy diet and mindset for me!

In regards to healthy eating, I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person.  When I eat well, I…EAT…WELL. Period. End of story.  I read every label, stay away from every bad thing in sight, stick to my guns and I….don’t….budge.

However, when I’m done with a “healthy challenge” or if I indulge in one of my favorite junk foods, I really struggle to get back to healthy eating!  It seems like chocolate and healthy eating cannot co-exist for me!  It’s tough for me to “just have a little” or to stay motivated unless I have very specific, strict goals and keep myself on a very short leash.

It is frustrating and it’s a constant struggle to find a happy medium in my life!  I really love healthy eating and definitely feel my best when I eat well, BUT I do love to indulge once in a while.  My very favorite indulgences are probably chocolate chip cookies, brownies, donuts, pizza, burgers and fries.  That pretty much sums it up.  I can do without ice cream, chips, candy, soda, processed foods and all of the other junk out there.

Just give me my cookies and I am happy. 😉  Ha ha.

But, I LOVE the healthy diet and life I’m living right now.  It is mostly healthy, with just enough “wiggle room” to keep me from feeling deprived and to keep the diet interesting.  I’m of course eating lots of fruits, veggies, eggs, lean meats, healthy grains (mostly oats and brown rice), beans and some dairy products (a little cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt), but I’m also eating other things that are a little bit in the “gray” category.  However, they are what make this “diet” long-term and lifestyle-ish.  Here are some of those “gray” things…

  • A little bit of ranch dressing here and there to make my veggies and salads interesting!
  • A little cheese sprinkled on my eggs or salads….YUM!
  • I’ve been loving the occasional Flatout made into a taco, egg sandwich or Peanut Butter and banana sandwich
  • I’ve snagged a few chips or a couple fries from time to time.  Yes, they’re not good for me, but I also know they’re not addicting to me either.  I can have a few and feel satisfied.
  • Most nights I’ve been trying to stop eating by 7:00-8:00, but there are some nights I just don’t!
  • I’ve decided that when I’m on vacation or when we’re visiting Kev’s parent’s, I will be a little more lax.  I won’t get crazy, but I’ll just go with the flow.

I really only have THREE major rules that I’m strictly enforcing.  I’m staying away from sugary treats, most breads (only allowing Flatouts and Ezekiel bread) and cereal because I know they are addicting to me and set off a crazy cycle inside my body!

I feel really really good physically AND mentally!  I’m also seeing and feeling results!  I’ve been steadily losing weight.  It’s definitely slow, but at least it’s progress!  I’m about six pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  It seems like it always takes me about a year to lose all of my baby weight, no matter how much weight I gain!  I don’t know if it has something to do with my hormones because I nurse all of my babies for a year, but it seems like I finally lose all of my baby weight about the time I ween my babies.

Before I got pregnant, I still wanted to lose 10 pounds though, so I know I still have my work cut out for me.  I really try not to obsess about the scale though.  I know it’s only one way to measure health.  I’m going to focus on sticking with my healthy diet, keep on exercising and I know my body will find it’s “happy place.”

I am energized by challenges though and I have a new challenge I’m seriously considering!  My favorite magazine, Oxygen Magazine is doing an “Ultimate Oxygen Challenge” that looks amazing!

Oxygen Challenge

I’m thinking about signing up for #TeamErin!  I’m a lot more motivated when someone ELSE tells me exactly what to eat and how to workout.  It keeps it interesting and fresh.  I’m a little worried about how intense the workouts might be since I have such a hectic baby life right now, but I’m willing to give it a shot!  I’m hoping I can do some of the workouts at home.  We’ll see.

I’ll keep y’all posted.


We had a fun “Father’s Day weekend” last week.  I tell Kev that he gets to celebrate all weekend long (the same goes for Mother’s Day and birthdays!)  Kev LOVES movies, so we went to several!

Kev and I went to see Jurassic World on Friday night.

Jurassic World Poster

Kev and I at Jurassic World

It was good, but pretty predictable.  Ha ha.  I mean, there’s only so much you can do with a dinosaur movie!  We bought dinner at the theater.  It’s not the best food on the planet, but it’s fun to bring food into the theater.  I got a “Cowboy Salad” and it was decent.

My Salad at the theater

We had a fun night!  The next night, we took the kids to the Dollar Theater to see McFarland USA.

McFarland USA

It was very well done and is such a good movie!  All of my kids loved it, except my five year old fell asleep, lol.  I love Kevin Costner and I’m glad he’s been in so many movies lately.  He really doesn’t seem to age.

On Tuesday, we decided to take the family to see Inside Out because our theater does $5 Tuesdays with $1 popcorn!

Inside Out

We all LOVED the movie.  It was so well done, creative, unpredictable and funny.  It was great and I want to see it again!

The kids at Inside Out

We hardly ever never see that many movies in such a short amount of time, but it was fun!

Kev also loves to eat at Texas Roadhouse.  It’s his very favorite restaurant, so on Saturday night he and I (and the baby!) slipped away for a bit to go out to dinner.

Kev and I at Texas Roadhouse for Father's Day

I got my typical 6 oz Sirloin steak, a side salad and sweet potato.  It’s always good!  It was nice to get away with my “main man” for a bit too.

On Sunday (actual Father’s Day), I made Kev his favorite breakfast and the kids and I brought to him in bed!  An omelet full of lots of good stuff and some sausage patties on the side (his fav.)

My Father's Day Breakfast for Kev

I was actually happy and surprised that my omelet actually turned out for once!  Wahoo.

Later on, we went up to visit my parents.  I took a picture with my sister and my cute Dad!

Us with our cute daddy

I love my family and my sweet, sweet dad.  He is such a good, kind, brilliant man who has taught me so much!  I’m so grateful.

I also took a picture with my favorite husband/father of my kidlets

Kev and I Father's Day

I can sincerely say that Kev is one of the most amazing people I know, and certainly my favorite.  He is such a wonderful man and is so hard-working, kind, loving and and just plain GOOD.  He really does not have a mean, negative or judgmental bone in his body.  He takes such great care of our family and makes me feel loved, cherished and safe.

I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for that incredible man of mine!

I think I’ll also mention that I am in dire need of a haircut!  Ha.  It’s pretty bad.  Just thought I’d mention that.

I need to wrap this up, but I have just a couple more pics to share….

Ummmmm, I love this picture!

Kev and baby C

And the level of cute in this picture is off the charts!

Cute baby with a belly and teeth

Oh that belly, those chubby hands, fuzzy hair and those two little teeth are just TOOO much!  Auuughh!  I love this little baby so much!  He’s growing up too darn fast and I’m not a fan.  Boo.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Love you all!  Mwah.  xoxo

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