Crazy Busy Life, But I’m Loving My #OxyChallenge!

Well folks, it’s late and I’m a crazy lady, but I wanted to hop on here and update y’all on my Oxygen Challenge!  I have to say I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!

Yes, it’s tough.
Yes, it takes a lot of planning and prepping.
Yes, it takes a lot of will power.
Yes, I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices.


I feel great, motivated, healthy, happy, encouraged and excited to see where this journey will take me.

Tomorrow will be my ONE WEEK mark.  I’ve lost about 3 pounds, but my weight was up a few pounds to begin with from all of me “pre-challenge endulgences.”  Ha ha.  So, I’m pretty much at my low post-pregnancy weight (still 6-7 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight), which I’m happy about.  I’m not obsessing about my weight though because I know I’m eating well, fueling my body properly and consistently exercising….I figure my body and my weight will “land” where it’s supposed to “land.”

I’m surprised by the results I’m already seeing and feeling though!  They are very, very subtle, but I’m definitely feeling them!  My body feels good.  I have more energy and my body feels “clean.”  It’s hard to explain, but I can actually feel my appetite stabilizing, my body letting go of water weight and my digestion becoming more “regular.”  Ha ha.  Ya know, when I was little I’d see those commercials with people talking about “being regular” and I wondered what in the heck they were talking about.  Then when I found out what they were talking about, I still didn’t really understand the concept.

Now I get it.

When I eat junk food (i.e. processed foods, fast foods, sugar, etc.), my body and digestion suffer.  I always drink a lot of water, but when I eat crappy (pardon the pun), the water just stores in my body and I bloat up like crazy!  I also become more “stopped up” in other ways.  Yes, I know it’s TMI, but I’m happy to share these “exciting details” with y’all in hopes that it helps someone else out there.

You should all feel loved.  Mwah.

Anyway, when I eat clean (lots of real food and none of the crap), my body normalizes.  It feels like it was born to feel like.  My body tells me it’s hungry in a nice quiet way; not a “ravenous, out of control, mad cravings, want to eat everything in my path” kind of hunger.  I also pee all the time (I know I’ve mentioned that many times on my blog, but it is such an interesting and direct way I can tell how my body is functioning.)  I also become more regular.  Yay!  Essentially, my body starts to work like it should!

Ya know, all of the chemicals, mega salt, fake fats and insane amounts of sugar our society eats, really, really, really mess with our bodies and hormones.  That is why America is so friggin’ obese!  It’s so so sad.  Food (and all the crap we put in our food!) is an addiction and most people aren’t willing to let go and eat good, healthy (less exciting) food.  Food should fuel our bodies and help us to look and feel our best; food should not be an addiction, obsession and killer of health, hopes and dreams.

I could go on and on and on, but I will stop now.  You’re welcome.

Anyway, this Oxygen Challenge really speaks to my heart.  I know that sounds cheesy, but it does.  I’m eating the way I really feel I should be eating.  I’m eating lots of real food, none of the crap and I’m trying to keep my blood sugar stable by eating 5 small meals and eating until I’m satisfied, not FULL.

I’m also LOVING the exercise plan.  The workouts are short (about 20 minutes), but they are intense and effective.  I DO NOT have the time or desire to spend hours and hours at the gym.  I also don’t think it’s necessary.  I think consistency and efficiency is key.  If you exercise regularly (make it a normal part of your life most days) and make sure to really push yourself (i.e. lift heavy and work your butt off), you WILL see results.

BTW, the workouts will increase in difficulty and time as the challenge continues, but even in the third month the workouts look reasonable and liveable.  I imagine the longest workouts will take me about 45 minutes.

I can’t share the actual workouts with you guys, but I will tell you the basic makeup of the workouts.  For now, we’re doing a lot of resistance training and a little bit of cardio.  We have one official rest day a week and 1-2 more optional rest days.  Since I was already working out before this challenge, I’ve only taken the one rest day a week.

We work lower body one day, upper body one day, full-body one day and cardio one day.  Over the weeks, we start to add in HIIT bursts, more abs, longer cardio days and more intense resistance training.

It’s a great workout program, but there’s nothing magical about it.  It’s pretty much what I expected it to be.  Again, working out HARD and consistently (5-6 days a week) is key.

I haven’t taken any pictures in the gym or doing resistance training, but I did take a pic out on a run with the baby a few days ago…

Baby and I out for a run

I ran almost 4 miles, and I sorta/kinda liked it.  I was happy to be running, but it was HOT!  I’m a wuss in the heat.  I was glad I got ‘er done though!


My brother (from Georgia) and sister (from Connecticut) and their families have been visiting this week and I’ve loved it!  We’ve been busy, busy, busy, but we’ve had a lot fun.

I’ve definitely had to be “on top of my game” for my challenge though.  We’ve gone out to eat quite a few times, but I’ve always tried to pick the best things on the menu.

Exhibit A: A Strawberry and Spinach salad from Cutler’s.

My Salad from Cutlers

Exhibit B:  A Cobb Salad from Corner Bakery Cafe (I only used a drizzle of the dressing.)

My salad from Corner Bakery

Here’s a pic of me, my cute mom and sissy at Corner Bakery Cafe

My mom, sissy and I at Corner Bakery

And Exhibit C:  My Cobb Salad from Archibald’s.

My Cobb Salad from Archibalds

I actually ate this for lunch today with a bunch of the girls (mom, sisters, sister-in-laws and nieces) in my family.  I didn’t take a picture of the whole group (my sister DID take one though, so if she sends it to me, I’ll post it!), but I did get a pic of me and my sweet babe…

My and baby C at Archibalds

Look how big he’s getting!???!  What in the world!???!

Ya know, it’s tough to eat well at restaurants.  It’s so fun to indulge and order whatever in the heck you want, BUT I try to just go into a restaurant with a healthy mindset and order good things!  Thankfully, I enjoy salads.

I’ve spent a lot of time away from home the past week, so “food prep” has been so important!

I cooked a bunch of brown rice, sweet potato chips, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken and cut up a bunch of lettuce.

My Oxy Challenge Food Prep

I also made some baked oatmeal (can’t share the actual recipe, but I’m sure you could find other recipes on the internet!)

My Oxy Challenge Baked Oatmeal

and some Meatza (pizza on a meat crust) that was phenomenal (again, sorry I can’t share the recipe!)

My Oxy Challenge Meatza

I’ve also been enjoying eggs with Ezekiel toast (dry) for breakfast a lot…

My Eggs with Ezekiel Toast

Salad with grilled chicken and brown rice for lunch…

My Salad with chicken and brown rice

Plain Greek yogurt with fruit and a little stevia mixed in…

My Oxy Challenge Yogurt Creation

And LOTS of protein shakes!

My Chocolate Butterscotch Protein Shake

We also had dinner up at my parent’s house on Sunday and I made sure to only eat the good, “legal” things…a hamburger patty topped with ketchup, mustard and guacamole, a yummy salad, watermelon and pickles!

My Hamburger Salad and fruit dinner

Yes, it takes a lot of commitment to continue to eat well and stay away from the junk, but it’s all a matter of mind set.  I just continue to make good choices and don’t allow myself to eat crap; I’m determined to stick with it and THAT is THAT.

I can be quite stubborn when I want to be!

We took this cute pic of me and my sisters on Sunday…

Me and my sissies

Love them!

I also went to the Mormon Tabernacle Pioneer Day concert with my parents, sister and nephews over the weekend and I loved it!  FYI, Pioneer Day is on July 24th and it’s essentially “Utah’s birthday.”  It’s the day the pioneers first arrived in Utah in 1847.

Me, my sissy and my nephews at the Summer MoTab concert

It was a phenomenal concert full of so many of my favorite Broadway songs!  Broadway star Laura Osnes was the guest soloist and she was fabulous!  She is so talented, absolutely gorgeous and looks just like a real-life Disney Princess to me (she did recently play Cinderella on Broadway!)  You can watch the entire concert below if you so desire.  I would HIGHLY recommend it, btw.  LOVED every MINUTE!


My sister and I also took a beautiful selfie.  I LOVE the Conference Center It is such an incredible building!

Laur and I at the Summer MoTab concert

Well that pretty much sums up my insanely insane life lately!  We are planning on spending the entire day at Lagoon Amusement Park tomorrow!  I’m so excited.  I’m NOT PREGNANT, so I can actually ride the rides this year!  Yahoo!

Oh, we also DID attend Chick Fil-A’s Cow Appreciation day last week (the day before my Challenge started….hallelujah.)  Here’s proof….

The kids heading to Chick Fil-A cow day

Don’t mind my messy bathroom!  I love these cows!

Well, I gotta hit the hay!!!  Love y’all!!!

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