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The Storm Before the Calm

October 17, 2014 in Adventures, Exercise, Low Carb, Meal Ideas, Nutrition by Melanie

I don’t have a lot of time today, so I’m gonna make this quick (that would be a first!!)  Ha.

Anyway, I’m loving this low-carb diet thing SO MUCH, but it is freaking hard!  I’m on day #5 and my body is slowly starting to adjust and chill out.  Days #3 and #4 were so so hard, but I told myself to NOT give up because I know it gets a LOT easier eventually.

Seriously though, we went to Costco on Wednesday night and I wanted to eat the ALL of the (Costco sized!) bags of Halloween candy.  The bread, muffins and fruit all looked so dang good too!  Heck, the Cheerios even called my name.  It was tough.  However, this morning I’m starting to not feel so ravenous.  It’s still not easy, but I’m encouraged that it’s getting easier.

On Day #3 I did have one small “issue” and it was pretty lame.  Oh, and it happened right after we got home from Costco.  Hee hee.

First off, I have to mention one thing that’s hard about low-carb is that I haven’t felt “satisfied.”  My body may not be hungry (I’m eating plenty of food!), but I always feel like I want to eat “something.”  I think it’s more of a craving instead of hunger.  With that being said, I ending up snitching a few chocolate chips.  They looked so good and they only have 9 carbs per tablespoon.  Soooo, I justified it by saying I could have 6-7 chocolate chips….then I went back for 3-4 more!  But, that was it.  No big deal.

BUT, right after the chocolate chip incident, I was cleaning out my fridge and saw a container of Cool Whip (yes, it’s full of terrible ingredients that will kill you) leftover from Carson’s blessing.  Anyway, it was almost gone so I thought I’d throw it away to clear out some space in the fridge!  BUT, it looked so good to me (yes, I’m desperate!) so I looked at the carb count and it only had 2 carbs per 2 tablespoons SOOOO I grabbed a spoon and ate a spoonful!

Then, I promptly left the kitchen.  Geesh.

I’m happy to say I think that was my LOW and things have gotten better since then.  It’s still hard, but I’m not craving everything in sight.  In my experience, if you can get through the first week of a low-carb diet it almost becomes easy.  BUT, that first week is NO JOKE.  Man.  One thing that’s helped me is to tell myself, if I give up then I’m essentially accepting my body/weight/fitness level the way it is.  I ask myself “Am I OK with that!?!”  Of course the answer is “Heck NO!”

Soooo, I keep plugging along.

Some of you may think I’m “obsessed,” “fanatical,” “crazy nutzo lady,” but I know this is what it takes.  Food cravings and food addictions are very REAL and very STRONG, so you have to FIGHT back HARD.

I like to think of myself as “committed” and “dedicated.”  Oh, and if you’re just trying to “lose a little weight” or become an average size/average looking person, then you really don’t have to be this “crazy.”  You can just watch portions/calories and exercise a few times a week and you’ll eventually get there.  Buuuuuuttttt, THIS is the type of body I’m striving for….

Athleta Model motivation

Yes, you gotta have a little bit of “crazy nutzo lady” in ya to get there!  Oh, and this chick is an Athleta model and I really think they are inspiring.  They look so healthy, athletic and fit…..not sickeningly stick thin.

Oh, and I WILL get to this goal eventually and I WILL get there doing it the RIGHT, healthy way with proper diet, sleep and exercise.  Oh, and I know that overall health is a lot more than just a rockin’ bod like this chick has.  I love to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle because it makes me FEEL good, gives me so much more energy, confidence and it just feels good to be disciplined and in charge of my life.

Make sense?

Okay, that’s the end of my rambling today. ;-)

Sooooo, I thought I would share a pretty picture…

Beautiful Sunrise

I drove my son to High School the other day and the sunrise was gorgeous!  BTW, Kev usually drops my son off at school on his way to work, but KEV crashed his car (fender bender), so it’s been in the shop and we’ve been a one car family.  Yes, it sucks.  Oh, and these pics were taken after I had already taken Kev to the train station.

Crazy life.

BUT, I love the beautiful world we live in.  This sunrise made me want to go running!!!  But, as long as I have a baby who is waking me up in the night, I will NOT be a morning runner.  Ha.  Oh, and just so ya know, my son took these pics as I was driving, NOT ME!


I’ve still been having some sort of eggs for breakfast every morning.  I’ve had to get a little creative….

Scrambled eggs with green onions topped with cheese and avocados and some grape tomatoes on the side.

Eggs with green onions, cheese, avocado with tomatoes on the side

I cooked up some BACON yesterday and crumbled it on my eggs.  It was a nice change and tasted indulgent.

Eggs, bacon, tomato and avocado

I made this interesting concoction this morning.  I made some scrambled eggs with green onions and peppers and then topped it with cheese, romaine, cucumber, tomatoes and salsa.  Totally weird, but it worked.  I also had my warm lemon water on the side.  I usually have it separately, first thing in the morning, but today I didn’t!

Interesting egg, cheese, veggie salad with warm lemon water

I had some leftover chicken/veggies for lunch the other day…

Leftover veggies and chicken

I cut up some celery and put peanut butter on some and some Frank’s Buffalo sauce on the others….

Celery with peanut butter and buffalo sauce

This was really good!  Oh, and Optimus Prime wanted to be in the picture as well.  I was inspired by his strength.  Hee hee.

I made some Chile Verde (pork roast) for dinner the other night and made myself a little salad with it.  It hit the spot…

Chile Verde Salad

Kev and I grabbed some In-N-Out burgers the other night.  We got them “protein style” (wrapped in lettuce) and “animal style” (meat cooked in mustard + grilled onions and special sauce.)

Kev and I with our In N Out Burgers

Oh, and I looked up the stats for these burgers and they have 11 carbs, which is higher than I want right now.  I’m thinkin’ most of the carbs came from the “special sauce” though.  I think next time I’ll get it with no sauce and just mustard.

I’ve been LOVING my protein pudding every day!  I look forward to it!  Yesterday I added chia seeds and crushed almonds to it.  Yuuuuum!

Protein Pudding with chia and almonds

I’ve still been exercising pretty regularly.  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday and 2.5 on Monday.  I also did this workout on Wednesday and it killed me!  The last time I did that workout I was 8 months pregnant and it was WAY harder for me this time.  Lame.

But I got ‘er done AND I’m taking a break today.  My body is SORE and we have a crazy day today so I’m taking a “rest day.”  Although, somehow the word “rest day” doesn’t accurately describe ANY day in a Mother’s life.  Ha.

Well, I gotta run!  Did I keep it brief?!??!….not really.  Dang.  Have a great weekend!!!

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Carson’s Blessing Day + My New Healthy Adventure

October 14, 2014 in Adventures, Goals, Meal Ideas, Motivation, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plan by Melanie

Well guys, I haven’t been able to blog for a while, so I have a lot to share!  I will do my best to keep it brief and not go on…and on…and on…and on!

On Sunday, we blessed baby Carson at church.  It was such a special day and I’m happy to say I held it together pretty well and didn’t break down crying.  Yay me.

After his blessing, we had lunch at our house with family and friends.

Eating at Carson's blessing

Carson's blessing

It was really nice.  We had soup, breadsticks, salad, fruit, pasta salad, Jello, chips and a bunch of treats.  The soup and breadsticks tasted so great and made the perfect fall lunch.

We took a million and one pictures of Carson throughout the day.  He was passed around a lot and everyone wanted a chance to hold the “baby of honor,” lol.

A whole bunch of pictures of everyone holding Carson

This picture cracks me up.  Check out the two “characters” in the back.  Hee hee.

Kev, his mom, Carson, Ben and Jake on Carson's blessing day

Here’s another one!  The Three Musketeers…

Cute cute kiddos

And here’s a few more…

Family at Carson's baby blessing

Kev and I with Carson on his Blessing Day

Some of the wonderful men who helped with Carson’s blessing…

Carson on his Blessing day with his entourage

Afterward, we all took a big nap and I snapped this sweet pic…

Carson sleeping on his blessing day

What a cutie pie.  I never wanted to take his blessing “outfit” off because I didn’t want to admit the day was over. :-(

It was a great day.

Sorry for the photo dump. :-)


Well folks, I’m excited to tell you guys about my new healthy challenge/endeavor I started this week!

As y’all VERY well know, I’ve been frustrated with my lack of weight loss lately.  I’ve tried to be patient, but I realized that “being patient” was actually starting to be counterproductive for me.

Because I was “being patient,” I started to justify crappy food indulgences and missed workouts because after all, I’m a “new mom,” I’m “sleep deprived,” I’m “hormonal,” “I’m nursing”…..blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  I essentially starting coming up with a lot of good excuses and developed a bit of a “victim mentality.”

It was not good!

So, last week I was talking with my sister, who BTW, happens to be very fit, a marathon runner and a personal trainer.  Needless to say, I value her opinion.  Anyway, she told me when she had her last baby (almost 6 years ago), she had 20 pounds to lose and was very frustrated.

Hmmmm, that sounds oddly familiar.

Anyway, she told me she went on a low-carb diet and lost all the weight pretty quickly.

I told her I’d thought about going on a strict diet, but have been hesitant since I’m a nursing mom.  But, she told me (and I agree), that a lower carb diet IS a healthy diet!  You essentially fill your body full of a whole bunch of real, nutrient dense food!

No duh!  It was like a light bulb went off in my head.  I’m a HUGE believer in low-carb diets (short-term), but I think I needed to hear the suggestion from someone else to realize that is EXACTLY what I need right now.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people ask my advice about weight loss and the FUNNY thing is that I always suggest a low-carb diet initially.  I tell people if they’re not seeing results, have reached a plateau, have been eating crappy food for a long time, feel addicted to sugar/carbs, then they should eat a low-carb diet for a while.

I’m not a fan of low-carb diets as a lifestyle, but I KNOW they are very, very effective at cleansing the body, resetting the metabolism, controlling appetite and re-teaching the body (and mind!) HOW to eat and WHAT to eat.

Anyway, I could go on and on and on, but I’m just going to sum it all up by saying….I’ve started a low-carb diet this week!  Woo hoo!

I started yesterday and I will keep going for three weeks, until November 3rd (yes, it will include Halloween!)  At the end of the three weeks, I will evaluate things and see if I want to continue or add in a few healthy carbs.

I’ve set myself a “goal weight,” which is about 15 pounds lighter than I am right now.  I am not going to take a “cheat day” until I hit that goal weight.

I’m feeling VERY stubborn and VERY motivated and WILL NOT stop until I get there!  Oh, and here’s what my “diet” looks like…

I WILL eat: All vegetables (except potatoes), nuts, nut butters, seeds, lean meats, eggs, cottage cheese, plain Greek yogurt, a little cheese, avocados, tomatoes, and protein shakes.

I WILL NOT eat: grains, fruit, milk, sugar, pastries, junk food, fried foods, processed foods

Pretty straight forward.

So far I feel great!  I know low-carb diets get REALLY hard around day 4-5 though, so I’m bracing myself.  And, to those of you who think “Low-carb diets don’t work,” well I’m here to tell you THEY DO!

In fact, I dare say a low-carb diet may be one of the most efficient and effective ways to lose weight.  Yes, they are freaking hard and royally suck, but they WORK!

Low-carb diets give the pancreas and liver a break, help reset the body and get the appetite under control.  It also re-teaches the body how to process carbs.  However, it’s vital to not just go back to your “old ways” when the low-carb diet is done.  You have to make permanent lifestyle changes in order to see permanent changes in your body!

Yes, carbs are good for the body, as long as they’re the RIGHT carbs (whole grains, fruit, sweet potatoes, etc.)  However, if you’ve been abusing carbs for too long **raises hand** then it can be very helpful to the body to take a break from them for a while until the body “chills out.”

I could go on and on and on (and I have!), so I will be quiet now.

Here are some of the things I’ve been eating the past couple days….

Different egg/veggie concoctions (the top pic is hard-boiled eggs and the bottom one is scrambled)…

Hard boiled eggs and veggies

Eggs with peppers, onions, tomato, avocado and feta

I got a Cobb salad at Chick Fil-A while I was out running errands yesterday…

My Chick Fil-A salad

I got it with grilled chicken and it was SO good!  I also enjoyed my lunch with this cutie…

Jake and I at Chick Fil-A

For dinner last night, I made grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken

Zucchini, summer squash, carrots and onions in foil packets on the grill (I just sprayed them with a little olive oil and sprinkled them with seasoned salt and pepper)…

Squash, carrots and onion on the grill

And big ol’ salads

Salad Fixins

Everything tasted great!

Chicken, Salad and veggies

I’ve also been snacking on protein pudding

Protein Pudding with almonds

And things like veggies, string cheese and nuts

Carrots, almonds and string cheese

Yay!  Well, I need to end this because despite my best efforts, I’ve made this post WAY too long!

I will of course keep y’all updated on my progress!  I hope you all have a great night!

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Frustrations with Weight Loss + Things that Make me Happy

October 7, 2014 in Deep Thoughts, Family Life, Weight Loss by Melanie

I’m very sad to report that I STILL have NOT lost any more weight in the past THREE weeks!  In fact, there are days I’m up a pound or two.



What gives!?!?!?!

Yes, it sucks.  In fact, in sucks so bad that I decided to NOT take my “official 7 weeks postpartum” picture this week.


I didn’t take a picture because I look EXACTLY the same!  Geesh.

Soooo, if y’all are curious what I look like these days… ya go…..

Me 4, 5, 6 weeks postpartum

Yes, those are my “official” 4 weeks, 5 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum pictures.  My 7 weeks picture would look JUST THE SAME.

BUT, as ticked off and as frustrated as I am, I’m trying to not let it get me down.  I realize my body seems to have a mind of its own these days, so I’m just gonna keep on pluggin’ along knowing that ONE DAY my body will decide to respond.

I have to say that it’s VERY hard to stay motivated though.  I’ve been extra sleep deprived this past week as well.

Why yes, I am in fact whining and complaining and having a little pity party for myself.

Carson hasn’t slept as well as he usually does AND I’ve been going to bed later than I should.  And, as I’ve learned many, many, many times in the past….when I get sleep deprived, I become completely apathetic toward my diet and exercise stuff.

Yes, I seem to just eat whatever is quick, simple and satisfying and seem to skip my workouts more often than not.

Super lame, but when I’m tired….I fall apart!  I’m sure it’s not helping my weight loss progress either.  Sigh.

I realize I’m in a very hard spot right now though and I just keep reminding myself to be patient.  I know eventually I won’t feel SO DANG tired ALL OF THE TIME and eventually my body will decide to DEFLATE and eventually my clothes WILL fit again and eventually I WILL be able to exercise and not feel like a WUSS.

Okay, my pity party is over now.  I will be quiet.


Sooooo, since I am so dang bugged and bummed out today, I’ve decided just to share a bunch of random pictures that have made me happy lately.  I really do LOVE my life and feel grateful every single day for the people, things and blessings in my life.

Life is good.

I am so grateful for sweet baby snuggles.

Carson and I snuggling

This isn’t the best picture of Carson, but snuggling a sleeping baby is one of my favorite things in the world!

I saw the most beautiful rainbow last week!  It was a full rainbow and it seemed to cover the entire sky!

Beautiful full rainbow

It was so bright and went all the way down to the ground…

Beautiful bright rainbow

It was absolutely breathtaking and reminded me how grateful I am for the beautiful world we live in!

Jimmer’s Halloween costume arrived in the mail last week and we all laughed and laughed and laughed….

Jimmer in his Halloween Costume

Oh my word.  I love it so much!  I bought it on Amazon for about $6.00 + free shipping!  Woot!  Here’s a link to the one I bought.

I also found a DARLING Carter’s dog costume for Carson at Costco for only $5.00!  I don’t know why in the world it was only $5.00 because it’s very good quality.  I was thrilled.

Carson in his cute Halloween Costume

What a cutie pie.  Oh, and don’t mind my son walking on the dresser in the background!??!  It’s pretty typical ’round here.  Hee hee.

Carson’s Blessing Day will be this Sunday.  It’s kind of, sort of like a Christening/baptism.  Kev will be able to give him a name and a blessing at church and it is the sweetest thing ever.  I cry every time Kev blesses one of our babies.  This time I’ll probably be wailing and “ugly crying” in the back of the chapel because he is our LAST baby!

Sniff. sniff.

It will not be pretty, but I’ll try to suck it up.

Oh, and I ordered his blessing outfit online and it came in the mail a few days ago.

I love it so so much!
Carson's Blessing Outfit

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?!?!?  I’m not a big fan of cheesy satin tuxes with bowties and things, so I fell in love with this outfit.  I don’t think he’ll wear the hat though.

FYI, I bought it on Amazon as well.  Here’s a link for that if any of you are interested.  Oh, and these aren’t affiliate links or anything; they’re just things I found and enjoyed on Amazon.

Oh, and Kev purchased Amazon Prime recently and now I buy EVERYTHING on there!  I’m not sure if I’m actually saving us money or not.  Hee hee.  I’m definitely saving myself time and stress by not having to drive all over heck and back searching for the things I want/need.

It’s also so much fun to receive packages in the mail.  It’s just like Christmas.

I took these darling pics of Carson today…

Darling Baby Carson

What a SWEET, SWEET little boy!  He kicked his sock off and I thought it was adorable.  I’m also loving his double chin, sweet smile and cute little chubby arms and hands.  I am having so much fun with this little guy!

Well, that’s all the pics I have to share!  I need to wrap this up so I can get a quick run on the treadmill and a shoulder workout in.

Oh, and I’ve been so sore the past week because I’m just getting back into exercising.  Seriously, I’ve been hobblin’ around like a 90 year old lady.  It’s been awesome.  I’ve also been singing this song and have decided it’s my new theme song.


Ha.  I love John Mellencamp and this song is classic.  It also perfectly describes how my body feels!  Love it.

I hope y’all have a great night!

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