Favorite Shopping Finds from DICK’S Sporting Goods #DSGFit4U

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’S Sporting Goods.  All opinions and text are my own, as always. #DSGFit4U

Last month I wrote a post about a recent trip to DICK’S Sporting Goods to check out their newly redesigned women’s section (you can click here to read that post if you feel so inclined.) :-)

Me at Dicks Sporting Goods

I was very impressed and loved the wider aisles and the entire layout of the store.  It was a joy to shop at DICK’S!  I really would’ve loved to have brought the whole store home with me.  Ha ha.

Well, I’ve since made a second trip to DICK’S and I picked up a few additional things….

My BYU shirt, Calia Headband and Under Armour visor from DICK'S

I’ve been on the hunt for cute t-shirts that are feminine and stylish, not boxy and t-shirt-y, and this shirt was perfect!  I also got it on clearance for ~$7.00!  Score!  DICK’S had so many great deals goin’ on.

**Quick tidbit: Kev is the BIGGEST BYU fan on the planet.  I’m not even kidding.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from there and is a Die Hard BYU football and basketball fan!  However I graduated from the University of Utah (and most of my family did too!), which is BYU’s biggest rival!  Ha ha.  So, although I wouldn’t mind wearing things promoting my Alma Mater, I’ve decided to keep the peace in our home and promote the “other team.”  Ha.

Truth be told, I love BYU and “The U” equally and really don’t get caught up in the whole rivalry.  Is that lame?  Probably.

Anyway, I also bought a new white Under Armour visor that I loooove!  I bought a pink and black visor exactly like it several months ago and it’s been my very favorite visor.

Me in my new Under Armour hat from Scheels

So, I decided I needed another….in white!  Yay.  I love the feminine styling of this visor, love that the brim is a little big bigger than normal and LOVE the wide elastic band.  It’s so comfortable and always stays in place!

I also bought a darling workout headband made by Calia (Carrie Underwood’s brand.)  It is a fabulous headband and is so beautiful!!!

Here are some pics of the visor and headband from DICK’S Sporting Goods website…

Closer pics of visor and headband from DICK'S

I love the delicate detail of the headband and it has silicone grips on it so it stays put.  LOVE!

I’ve also really enjoyed the BYU t-shirt AND the Under Armour t-shirt I bought at DICK’S last month.

Me in my shirts from DICK'S

They both fit great, are super comfortable and go with anything!

Just to recap, last month I bought that Under Armour shirt, a cute Under Armour StudioLux tank and some Lucy capris

The cute things I picked out at Dicks Sporting Goods

I have LOVED them all so much!

Me in my outfit from DICK'S

Those capris have become my new favorite.  They are so so comfortable, flattering and don’t ride up or slide down while exercising!

I’ve worn the tank and capris together a few times and I’ve also paired them with different things.  I wore the tank to the gym last week.  It’s a little bit low-cut, so I decided to add a white sports bra underneath and it worked great!

Me in my DICK'S tank at the gym

I’ve worn the Lucy capris pretty much any chance I get!  I went to the gym yesterday, but had to hurry home to get my kids to school.  I finished my workout at home and took a pic wearing the cute capris…

Me in my capris from DICK'S

The lighting in these pics don’t do the capris justice.  I love the color of them!

I also much mention that I took TWO pictures because the only full-length mirror in our house is in my daughter’s bedroom (I know, I really need to get one in my room!!)  Anyway, I love my daughter’s mirror because I think it makes people look ever so slightly thinner than they really are.  Ha ha!

Soooo, I decided to take another one in my bathroom mirror to keep it real!  So, there ya go.

I have loved, loved, LOVED all of my purchases from DICK’S Sporting Goods so so much!  I know the workout clothing, the t-shirts and the fun accessories will be favorites of mine for years to come!  I can’t wait to go back to DICK’S soon and see what other cute things I can find.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!  Love you all!  xoxox

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