Hey guys,

Sorry for the blog post hiatus.

We were out of town visiting Kev’s family for the long weekend.

I intended to do a blog post or 2 while we were gone, but the internet connection was slower than cold tar…seriously.
It was making me batty, so I decided to just wait ’til I got home.


So, here I am once again….

I learned a lot this past week.

Of course, I thought I would share…

K, so as we were preparing to leave on our little trip, I was DETERMINED to eat as healthily as possible while we were gone.

I knew it was going to be tough for several reasons:

  1. It was Thanksgiving weekend….’nuf said.
  2. Kev’s mom is an AMAZING cook and I love to eat all of her food….namely pies, homemade bread, french toast on her homemade bread, etc.!!!  Dang.
  3. When I’m on vacation, I get in the “I can eat whatever I want ‘cuz I’m on vacation” mode.

So, I decided to PLAN, take control, and be healthy.

I packed tons of healthy snacks in our handy dandy little cooler.

Fruit, veggies, protein shakes, protein bars, string cheese, kettle corn, cocoa roasted almonds, a dark chocolate bar (for emergencies) and water! YUM!

My “plan” was to eat these snacks during the 6 hour drive and also while we were staying up there for 4 days.
I figured I could just eat “a little” of Kev’s mom’s awesome cooking and supplement with my healthy snacks.
Sounds like a good plan, eh?

Well, it worked like a charm for the first 2 days and then I went downhill FAST the last 2 days!

I did really well on Thanksgiving.
I loaded up on the turkey and veggies and then had just a little of the potatoes and stuffing.

I did OD on the sweet potatoes just a little, however.

I also had one small slice of Pumpkin Pie…it was Thanksgiving after all.

I thought I did well.
I didn’t stuff myself and I definitely could have gone back for more…
But, I did not.

But, sadly the rest of the weekend I partook of plenty of chocolate cake, more pumpkin pie and peanut M&Ms.

Then, on the drive home I was a huge slacker!

I think I knew I was going to “shape up” when I got home, so I wanted to live it up until then!
BTW, that is NOT a good way to think!!!

I enjoyed more peanut M&Ms, a few small cookies and a donut!


I did.

But, I gotta tell you I felt SO SICK those last few days and still even today!


Just another reminder to me that my body LIKES good food and DOESN’T LIKE crappy food.
Although my mouth and taste-buds would tend to disagree.


So, today I started back with my clean eating and it feels like a detox.

It feels so good!

I know this time of year is so tough to eat well, but I’m determined to do it!!!

I started off today with a yummy breakfast…

A bowl of oatmeal and a side of egg whites!

I just took a 1/2 C. Oatmeal and mixed in 1/2 of a Granny Smith apple….Covered it with water and cooked it in the microwave for 2 minutes.
After it came out, I stirred in 1 T. of flaxseed, 1 T. of vanilla protein powder and sprinkled it all with sugar free apple cider mix.

I wouldn’t consider the apple cider mix exactly healthy (artificial sweeteners and things), but it is very tasty and I only used a little bit.

I also cooked up 4 egg whites and topped them with a little low sugar ketchup.

Very yummy and very filling.

I ate well the rest of the day and I feel really really good.

I must say though that I went to my fav Bootcamp class tonight and I didn’t feel as strong as I usually do and I felt a little chubbier.

Go figure.

I am a firm believer that what you eat directly (and quickly) affects your body for better or worse!

So, I’m gonna be good!


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